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Small List of our services and products we offer.

  • All Rotary Conversions and Rebuilding of all Rotary engines.
  • South African Manufactured Mazda Rotary ECU for ALL Rotary engines, the first and only ECU that can produce 1000HP+
  • High tech Dyno Tuning on normal, performance & racing cars
  • Performance Engine Build
  • Nitro Kit Installation
  • Turbo Conversions
  • The only supplier of Power Seals in South Africa
    • Apex Seals
    • Side Seals
    • Corner Seals
  • Toyota Diesel Chip Tuning
  • ECU's
    • Supply and Fit of all ECU's for All Mazda Rotary Engines
    • Supply and Fit of all ECU's for Piston Cars


  • Our BRAND NEW 323 Drag Car just made 540KW on the back wheels with a Rotortech
  • NEW stock for Power APEX Seals
  • NEW Data Logger will be tested and installed next week, if we happy with the results we will start packaging for the market




Lapping your side plates

At Racing Boys we offer you a very accurate process referred to as lapping to the face of a side housing. While some shops use conventional grinding equipment to resurface side housings or even face to face by hand, we believe the best way to achieve a superior finish is to lap each surface to a minimal tolerance on our world class lapping table.Lapping your 13b side platesLapping your 13b side plates

Providing a smooth and best quality surface allows the best sealing and the least amount of wear of the corner seals and side seals. Our lapping process has proven to offer one of the best finishes currently in South Africa.

This new lapped surface provides optimal oil retention and the least amount of friction. We aim to remove a maximum of .0025’ to minimize reducing the thickness of the housing and to retain the nitride factory hardness built into the first layers of the plat.

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ower Apex Seals for Rotary.

SCR Power Race Seals can handle more heat than the standard Mazda Seal. The standard seals deform under extreme detonation that’s if they don’t break first! These seals don't break, crack, or chip. We use the same seals in our drag bakkie currently the fastest 13B rotary in South Africa.
Our apex seals can handle the abuse whether it is for drag racing, or big boost applications. 2mm Seals use Mazda 2 piece springs, the SCR 3mm seals use SCR dual springs.


Tuning and Performance excellence.

We pride ourselves on having the knowledge, the experience and the equipment needed to fine-tune almost any make and model of vehicle with an after market ECU. Offering dyno tuning and all turbo conversions that can unleash the power hidden under the bonnet of your special car.


Engine Management Systems. Also known as ECU. 

An engine control unit (ECU), is a type of electronic control unit the vehicle’s computer in other words, that controls a series of actuators on an internal combustion engine to ensure the optimum running. It does this by reading values from a multitude of sensors within the engine bay, interpreting the data using multidimensional performance maps.
We supply, fit and dyno the following ECU's Power Mods, Dicktator, RotorTech, Mictotech


RotorTech Engine Management System.

The RotorTech Engine Management System is designed and manufactured in South Africa, and power one our quickest Rotary drag cars.

RotorTech was developed in conjunction with Racing Boys and Domingos de Carvalho from Powermods, The first ECU was produced in 1992


Performance Engine Built

With so many companies out on the web today to choose from, it’s hard to make a decision. Some may talk big and present themselves well, but can they really deliver your dream engine or car, as the current South African record holder on the ¼ mile we are proud on all the work we do, form the smallest invoice to the biggest. 

Before any engine or car comes in for a build our Service Manager does a thorough consultation with you so that both parties are on the same page. This ensures the build is going to meet your expectations while staying within your budget.