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Power Seals for Rotary.

  • SCR Power Race Seals can handle more heat than the standard Mazda Seal.
  • The standard seals deform under extreme detonation that’s if they don’t break first!
  • The Power seals don't break, crack, or chip. We use the same seals in our drag bakkie currently the fastest 13b rotary in South Africa.
  • Our apex seals can handle the abuse whether it is for drag racing, or big boost applications.

We supply the following APEX Seals

  1. 2mm Seals use's the standard Mazda 2 piece springs, the 3mm Power Seals use the Power Seals dual springs.
  2. 12A & 13B 2 & 3mm Apex Seals.
  3. 20B 2mm & 3mm Apex Seals

SCR Corner Seals

Also Available now are our new unbreakable SCR Corner Seals. They are made out of the same unbreakable material our apex seals are made out of, what doesCorner Seals do not breakCorner Seals do not break this mean for the customer?You can now have a rock solid engine. Kevin Webb has made sure these corner seals will take everything you give them. A factory corner seal could be broken at the tip of your finger, compared to a SCR Corner seal which will not break.

As You can see in the illustration below that no matter what you do to them, they will not snap.