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Exceptional client service is of the uppermost importance to us, we do custom fabrication work on all RX7 Cars, Converting from Twin Turbo to signal turbo.

We do all type of repairs, rotary rebuilding, custom engine building and much more...

We only supply and deliver the highest quality, best performing products available. We do not compromise the quality or performance of our products or services for price.

With us been RMI approved can services your RX7 and sign and stamp your cars book


RX7 Services includes the following:

  • 13b Rotary engines rebuilding
  • Conversion from twin turbo to single turbo
    • New custom branch
    • New boost pipes
    • New intercooler
    • New BOV and Waste Gate
    • New Rotortech ECU
    • Dyno
    • Fuel pump upgrades
  • Extra doweling
  • Porting
  • Street Port
  • Bridge Port
  • Semi peripheral Port
  • Peripheral port

We only use Mazda approved parts and will not rebuild your engine using any second hand parts.


13B or 20B Big Horse Power Conversions


    • Building a massive horse power rotary engine we only use the best proven parts in the market
    • We only use Power APEX seals, that can handle up to 60PSI boost
    • Power SIDE seals
    • Power CORNER seals
    • Balanced complete rotating assembly
    • Oil presser upgrades
    • Resurface Side Plates - Surface Grinding & Lapping
    • Turbo Bridge Port
    • Side Clearance - Modification for High Boost & RPM
    • CNC Rotor Face Clearance - Modification for High Boost engines
  • Extra dowels.
    • We utilizes 3 to 5 additional one piece dowels which are strategically installed in the combustion area of the engine only
      • All Mazda factory rotary engines use 2 dowel pins for each rotor housing. The function of the these dowels are mainly to align the the housings themselves.
  • Custom Branch
    • Custom build branch for extreme air flow